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About us

Vision and Mission
To be the masterpiece in customer service excellence by supplying only high quality products & service, through ongoing and everlasting products & service development with the most competitive price, and building trust with word-of our proven products reliability.

Our Local Product Development - at a Glance
We started our own PP Strapping Band production line in 2004 and has been continuously increasing our production capacity up to 2,200 Metric Ton per month by the end of 2015. Following the capacity growth, a strict and tight quality control development has been our priority target, which resulting an esteem reputation for one of our leading brand of PP Strapping Band product (Double Star) as the most stable and reliable brand to be apply in packaging area. As to respons the market demand for more competitive value of product, We have launched our new brand (Super Pack) in the middle of 2011 which targeting demand for economic grade of PP Strapping Band with extra competitive price. With our high confidence in helping customers getting an access of high reliability products (both produced locally or overseas), We never been any step away from our Importing business and keep extending our products range, base on our capability to explore the know-how of the product itself, and therefore never stop to find the best way to implement it as a smart solution to our customers’ needs.

Our Imported Products
As We first started to be in packaging business as an Importer and Trading activity since 2003, We have built a confidence and safe, reliable image among our customers who are using our products by persistenly supplying the most stable and high quality imported packaging products, such as: Packaging Machinery; PE Rope for Tom Tying Machine – Use; Tali Rafia – for Manual-Use; Stretch Film (Plastic Wrap / Hand Pallet Wrap); Astralon (Polyester Film / Mounting Film); Stopper (Mounting Frame for Flexo Printing Application) Rubber Plate for Flexo Printing Application (Karet Ukir) Flexo Printing Sponge (r/Bak)